Advanced website package

Advanced website package

This is a more advanced package, with more web pages included, extra feedback forms if needed and up to 5 email addresses. it’s also complete, custom designed and hand-coded website usually built in 7-21 days, online for a whole year and includes:

  • Domain name
  • your company’s own, .com or .biz web URL (such as with all domain registration fees and internet fees paid for 2 whole years.
  • hosting
  • your own Linux web space with CGI-bin is included for 1 year, provided and maintained by UK web hosting experts, calibre hosting.
  • HTML website
    up to 20 pages
  • your HTML website is designed by our talented web development team according to your corporate id, a design idea you may have or a new style can be created for you. graphics and logo’s can all be included, and hyperlink options are all rollover-animated.

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Flash animation

1 basic flash animation is included in the package, should you require a dynamic animation.

  • contact forms
  • up to 3 feedback/contact forms are included, so that web users can contact you regarding your products or services. basic details are initially included, although you can add as many options as you would like.
  • email addresses
  • up to 5 pop3 mailboxes (info@yourdomain, sales@yourdomain joe.bloggs@yourdomain etc…), with unlimited email forwarding.
  • support
  • professional technical support is provided by email or telephone (from 10:00 to 18:00).
  • contact

Corporate web solutions

Larger businesses, such as corporations and blue chip companies may require more involved website solutions than the web packages above, and would find it to be more efficient and cost effective to discuss your needs face to face.

We can produce all kinds of specialised web solutions around your needs, including automated quotation systems, complex interactive animations, specialised product demo’s, real-time content systems, protected login areas and more.

If you require a corporate or specialised web solution, contact us to discuss your needs by clicking ‘contact’.


E-commerce web solutions – contact

If you require a web solution that involves online payment or data manipulation, we can work around your needs to create the most suitable system for you and offer quality, secure web hosting to deal with sensitive data, such as client details or credit/debit card information.

We offer all kinds of e-commerce solutions, such as basic data processing through to full-blown, real-time online payment systems with shopping carts. we work with you to establish your needs and the best technology to implement for your company. so, whether you need live merchant account connectivity or sensitive information sending on a budget, we can provide the service that’s right for you.

If you require an e-commerce web solution, contact us to discuss your needs by clicking ‘contact’

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