How to Optimise Your Website – DIY Optimisation

How to Optimise Your Website – DIY Optimisation

Many companies require full Website Optimisation (Optimization) but can not afford the services of a specialist experienced website optimisation (optimization) company (That delivers optimisation (Optimization) results continually) like us. If you are able to make the modifications to optimise (Optimize) your website, why not consider purchasing a bespoke document explaining what needs to be done to your website to gain your 1st page Google results.

The document takes you through all areas on on-site optimisation (optimization) from Meta tags (What ones you should and should not have depending on your website, and why!) Website Directory Structure, How to get keywords legitimately into your webpage, What site maps to use, Latest types of backlinks, Useful Google tools, Things to avoid.

The Process of DIY Optimisation

  • Firstly we analyse your website.
  • Produce bespoke report explaining what to do and how to do it – with full code examples.
  • Send you your document via Post and email and run through it explaining all parts.
  • Once you have completed the website optimisation (Optimization) we will at no extra charge review your finished work, check and analyse the website again and confirm the site is up to standard.

We are happy for you to send questions to us during your process of DIY Optimisation (Optimization). This is a complete bespoke service to get you results – working together gets results.